Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Tech

Once again my love of computers deepens and blossoms. The esteemed Mr. Joel Trussell did in fact confirm that my previous posts' links had lost their will to live and grow when clicked upon. The methods I was using to arrange my images were absolutely slaughtering the code. Frankly, I'm surprised the posts looked as good as they did. Took a minute to correct but we're good now. Despite the fact that Joel does truly excellent computer animation (if you don't believe me go check out the link to your left), I still don't think he is fully prepared to label himself a computer tech at the moment. Yet, he still has helped me with a few website kinks in the past. Tip of the hat to you, Mr. Trussell.

Down to business. I think we'll start off with another sketchbook piece that has not made an appearance on my antiquated site. Similar in thinking to the Society of Illustrators piece in the previous post. I had been under the impression that it was more recent than the SoI piece because I sketchbook hop and work on larger scale pieces outside of them as well and that was just the way I remembered it. I should have realized otherwise because of the absence of our daughter in the image. I like to blame moments of senility like this on the kids. It's easier to cope that way.

This piece was created for a Vtes card for White Wolf publishing. It was the only one that I did for this set but I was happy enough with it. The author concept was a crippled uber hip vampire that binds his legs with belts while he levitates using a blood/shadow entity of his creation.

For those of you solely returning for the Herry continuation, your prayers have been answered.

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