Sunday, February 21, 2010

Copperhead Blues- Title page and intro

This short comic was supposed to make its rounds with me at SPX in 2007. The only wrinkle in that plan being that I wasn't able to attend. It remained on hold because it was tapped to be printed last year. However, the publication has had to battle the same financial dragons everyone else has. I've wanted to let this one see the light of day for some time especially since I'm twisting my arm to sit down and commit to new comics. The good people at the publication gave their blessing so here it is. With any luck, it will be a good lead in to the next piece I'm working on and allow feedback that could help the new piece before I get into the meat of the visuals. Constructive criticism anyone?

Copperhead Blues Part 1

Copperhead Blues part 2

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah... more.

Got a second draft done on the new comic and am starting breakdowns but have been keeping these up for kicks because they've been great fun. I may try some sequential versions of these brain on cruise control images before I really dive into the real deal.

More animals.

Disappointing attempts at Rauschenberg. That guy had so much energy and a lightness to him so I was a little bummed out when neither attempt really worked. I'll give it another go from another photo some time. I was happy with how his hand came out though.

More art influences/betters.