Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Into the Labyrinth

A little bit of absence, a little bit of family, and a little bit of comics.

This one was not one that I had planned. It came as a result of thinking about turning a very bad guy from Greek myth into a semi reformed protagonist in Legendary, wanting to use more heavy inky black and a desire to rework one of my first comics, Exit.

Exit was an attempt to reassert my frame of mind. It was my way of reclaiming the wealth around me in my family in the face of failure.

I was proud of Exit but it fell short in retrospect. This is a new swipe at some of the ideas in the piece. The focus shifts less on the strength of my family and more onto my own worst enemy. I've been writing a lot of characters with missing pieces mostly because I've never quite found my own place. Hopefully, the stories will continue to be stronger as I work at this. However, if this and any other story I write just seems like more of the same, allow me a little bit of grace. I'm trying and I'm going to keep trying.