Saturday, January 1, 2011

Part 1- New Years and Rope Burns

Oooh... (blush with embarrassment) I missed two months of updating this rigmarole. I honestly never can seem to balance the making of/posting of art unless good reason calls for it. I end up showing close friends this work by one method or another and I'm not entirely convinced there are many other folks paying attention so it becomes easy to neglect. It is nice to have it on record though and, boy, do I have a few scans to show today.

I do want to give a very belated thanks to the Young Blood Gallery. The show was great fun and one of my pieces found a new home. You can see the rest of the excellent pieces by using this link.

As promised, I had a few sketchbook pages of boxer distractions piling up. Frankly, I'm addicted. I think I may have possibly found a good outlet to push this stuff a bit further. We'll see if I make the time to use it.

I have a tendency to run myself down about my obvious inability to turn my art into what amounts to even a slightly modest source of income. That said, it's the New Year and I've got a lot to be thankful for. I've always done the art whether I was clever enough to catch anyone's eye with it or not. I think that's what I'll focus on this year. If I have to keep making time to make art merely for the sheer joy of it and no other reason, there's nothing wrong with that not. As for making income off of it and getting exposure for it... I'll just keep singing Bobby Byrd's words of wisdom and see what happens.

I'm going to drop these oldest to newest. Happy New Year folks!

I have to comment on this last one. I usually don't worry about or think about composition that much at all when doing multiple sketches on the page. These are just terrific fun and sometimes the end results can be a pleasant surprise. This last one did definitely fall under the surprise category. Paging Doctor Freud.

Part 2- New Years and Rope Burns

Part 3- New Years and Rope Burns

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