Friday, February 25, 2011

Art envy- Criterion-von Trier

Last year, I was deeply envious when Criterion tapped some comic artists to do posters for a show of theirs. It seemed like such a fun thing to do. This is in addition to a real love I already had for Sean Phillips' and Kent Williams' work for them. All I could think about would be how I'd love to be in on this.

This happens from time to time when you're a fairly obscure art bloke like myself. So I figured why not do something about it? Thus, art envy is born.

When the posters came out I had just recently seen von Triers' Antichrist. Lars von Trier is always one to push boundaries and sensibilities in film. I don't always think his ideas work but they at least make for interesting viewings. Antichrist is such an emotionally and physically brutal film that reaches the point of an endurance test. I honestly can not in good faith recommend anyone seeing it. That said, there were scenes in it that haunted me for weeks afterward so in that respect it was very effective. I also thought I could twist some of the imagery into an image of my own that would be a decent representation of the film and feel similar to some of the work I've been doing as well. So here are a few ramp up sketches and the final image itself.

I hope you find it effective. If it spurs you to see the film... good luck.

I plan on doing more film based pieces again. In and out of Criterion's catalog. This is not the big plans hinted at in the last post. Those are still coming.

The theme song of this post comes courtesy of William de Vaughn.

Handful of boxing sketches

And a few of the better recent boxing sketches.