Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Worth Your Time

Busy writing and drawing. I did want to link to this before time slips by on me and I don't post about it. I've posted many a photo of paper bag puppets for my kids' benefit. This time I'm posting them for a real benefit.

I'm talking about the Bristol Regional Speech and Hearing Center's Princess and Pirate Tea Party . Not only is loaded with things to do and is for a very good cause but you will have the opportunity to see and, if you're lucky, purchase incredible art from super talents Greg Ruth and Charles Vess! The people behind this are good folks and there is some crossover with the brain trust behind the ever growing Out of Step Arts collective so you know it is guaranteed to have a lot of love and hard work built into it.

Plus you've got to love the poster for this thing below. Is that work by the talented Dustin Harbin on it? All signs point to yes.

So, if at all possible, do yourself a favor and check it out and if you've ever thought that making a paper bag puppet looked like fun there will be many kits on hand of these four guys I made up.