Friday, September 14, 2007

Keeping it short

A few more images for the bundle. Below is an attempt to catch some eyes for an Amon Tobin t-shirt contest. It sounded like fun and I could have accumulated all the rest of his albums that I didn't have. Unfortunately, due to the other commitments I had to push right up to the deadline. Normally this would be just good clean nose to the grindstone fun. However, they wanted the image laid out in Illustrator. I know rudimentary Photoshop and thought I might be able to fake it. How wrong I was. Especially in the day's time frame I did it. Still fairly happy with the image.

A couple of images of a sculpture of the mighty Scott Morse's character, Southpaw, that I did for kicks.

Herry continues the struggle and I'm posting it. You love it.

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