Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And so it begins...

I have a friend that had a period of time while I worked along side of him who would find himself seeing the same number repeatedly when he looked at the time during a particular hour. The number bore some significance to him (I'll not disclose details- that's his story, not mine) and it would get under his skin. I used to think it was pretty funny. However, for some time now I have been doing the exact same thing. Now, self fulfilling or not, seeing 9:11 on the clock several days out of the week can hook you if you allow it especially when given all of the things it brings to mind. I kept wondering if I was receiving some subconscious warning. Knowing that I'll never know, I'm going to use it as a start date for this thing and see if I can't make it a positive deal. Although with my sloth like typing skills combined with a late start and a lot of tinkering, I may miss 9/11 but it's the thought that counts.

Having always considered myself a "friendly acquaintance" with computers I have always been slow to jump on the web for promotional purposes. I really find computers too distracting from making art for me personally. I love them to use for email and viewing other folks' work but that's about the extent of it. As a result, I know little of the latest (or even the greatly dated) "it" things as far as technology goes. I read a 700+ page book (I had forgotten how truly long it was) to scrape the code together for my site and now it stands as an eyesore that hasn't seen an update since November ... of 2005.

Soooooo does this mean nothing has happened since? Absolutely not. For one, my beautiful wife gave birth to our lovely daughter last year adding a second child to the equation. What a little firecracker! Whats that? Did I produce any art in that time? Oh yes my friend. Much. A lot. Have you seen it? Probably not. That's why we're here.As of right now it makes more sense for me to do than to revamp my site. Let's get started.

A rough little sketchbook piece I did a few months back of our daughter. I was using a lot of these colors for pieces that sprung from Wells' Dr. Moreau and I wanted to turn things around and use them for a pretty subject.

One of the Moreau inspired sketchbook pieces. I kept depicting the hyena in the pieces. The most menacing of Moreau's creations. I get told that my pieces are often pretty somber in mood and that may be a reflection of me using art as a way of coping with things that trouble me. That leads us to my most serious piece to date and what could, in fact, be my crowning achievement. The none too subtly titled "Herry Poops".

Any parent knows how serious the whole potty training thing is. There comes a point in which you're practically begging for it to happen if you have a stubborn kid. Our little man is such a child so I wrote and drew this little book in two days starring his favorite character from Sesame Street, Herry (I have no idea why they spell it that way) Monster. The continuing ten page epic in all its hastily rendered Crayola, poorly punctuated glory will make a nice end cap to my next few posts. Stay tuned with baited breath.

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