Sunday, January 13, 2008

Breaking in the New Year

After bouncing around some ideas and working on sketches I have a new mini underway. I may post early sketches soon or may keep it entirely under wraps until it's all done. Haven't decided.

I did want to share the great idea going on over at Joel Priddy's blog. He's got a little one on the way and is taking black and white (since that is what is supposed to visually stimulate newborns) contributions for flash cards wall hangings, etc.. Below are my two contributions in a little bit better form than what they appear over there. I sent these to him after the first set didn't go through. They must have showed up later because they're the original images. I didn't have the heart to bug hima again as he is busy with baby concerns and other things more important than updating my images so I'll post them here.

The first image is based on our daughter...

and the second embodies our son in many ways.

Both were kind of a fun departure for me. I recommend contributing if you need a small project for a change of pace.
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