Monday, September 22, 2008

Film sketching- Leon

On the previously mentioned Greg Ruth boards I put foward a challenge to render images based around a favorite action/suspense film. I chose Leon(aka The Professional) because I love this film. I tried to approach them in a figure drawing style manner. Watching the entire film and doing quick gestures first. Then going back and watching the scenes I wanted to depict repeatedly until I finished. I also tried to do them as quickly as possible.

The first image is the depiction of Leon's final words to corrupt DEA agent Stansfield (Gary Oldman). One of the classic last word scenes from film.

What I really love about the film is Leon himself and Reno's portrayal of him. He is a very sympathetic and likable character despite his profession and doesn't exude the cool all the time that other similar amoral characters with a heart of gold often have.The painted image took a little longer than I wanted so I approached the second with ink and brush.

Finally, I tried to pick up the speed a bit more and used a ballpoint and the leftover ink to do a version of one of my favorite scenes- Leon staring like an engrossed child as Singing in the Rain plays on the matinee. Reno really pulls out all stops with his acting in this brief scene and I'm afraid I didn't quite nail the proper expression but ther you have it anyway.

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